“Beauty Is As Beauty Does”

I’ve always wanted to be beautiful; you know, perfect features, long thick hair, a lovely figure…What I see in the mirror, especially through my self-conscious and critical eyes, is not beautiful – pretty maybe – but not beautiful. God has always told me that He sees my heart and that I am breathtaking in His sight. That’s pretty awesome! I see beauty in others always according to who they are as a person, but I’m not that generous with myself.

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First Post!

Hi! My name is Susan Wahome, the author of my newly published book, GOD IS NOT A STUFFED SHIRT. My book is a compilation of 70 witty, thought provoking, inspiring, contemporary and relevant poems created from my journals and praising our Heavenly Father. I happen to love my new book, which is good since I want to share it with you, (hoping you’ll buy it, of course)! I’m just sayin’…

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