Have you ever felt like you’re all alone, like you just can’t take “it” anymore. I believe we all have times in our lives where the burdens, or heartbreak, or chaos, just seem like too much to bear, where deep down inside, it feels dark and your guts feel like they’re actually twisting, and like the squeezing emotional pressure makes you want to vomit. That’s extreme but I know we’ve all been there – I should say I know IĀ have. Continue reading “THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY!”


Heavenly PaPa,

Thank You for reminding me of Your encouragement, which gave me the strength and peace of mind to move from my house into this apartment five years ago. When I asked You where I should go You said that You would bless me wherever I go and that I would be a blessing wherever I am. I needed to be reminded of this today when my heart grew uneasy about moving to Florida. I wasn’t sure if we really, really should go or if we were making a mistake. Continue reading “THE BLESSING”