This is a quote by Joyce Meyer: “God’s timing isn’t always our timing. We tend to want things to happen now. We don’t want to wait. But we don’t see the full picture. God’s perspective is eternity. From eternity, the things we think are important don’t amount to much. But, God created us with a specific purpose in mind, and His timing is perfect. So when we think things are moving too slow in our life, we need to wait. God is moving everything into it’s proper place.” Continue reading ““A GOD’S EYE VIEW!””


I want to clarify something about God’s nature.

When we go through difficult times in our lives, sometimes things so devastating that we can┬ábarely maintain our sanity, IT IS NOT GOD WHO IS CREATING THESE CHALLENGES – THESE DIFFICULTIES! Sometimes we are so quick to blame God for everything bad that happens to us, instead of turning to Him for the love and strength He truly offers, that we get angry at Him and often even lose any kind of faith we have. Continue reading “PLEASE, GIVE GOD A CHANCE!”