God Speaks

God Speaking Through Nature

“The LORD thundered from heaven, and the Most High uttered His voice.” 2 Samuel 22:14 NIV.

One of my greatest desires is to hear God’s voice!  I want to make my prayers an actual conversation – one where I listen to Him, as much as I talk.

There was a time when I felt that the Creator of the Universe must have better things to do than chat with me – that I wasn’t “good enough” for Him to take the time! Besides, what would I say, and what if I didn’t like what He said to me?

It felt like somewhat of a risk to open myself to such an unfamiliar thing. I mean, what if He learns every questionable thing I’ve done in my life – would He judge me and punish me?

I’ve learned a lot through the years, and I’ve had many conversations with my Father – not any audible ones, but feeling His Spirit. I allowed myself to take the chance of possibly misinterpreting what I was hearing, and I started writing down my conversations.

I almost always felt God respond to my questions and my pleas for help, enough so that I became less afraid to “take spiritual dictation!” I began to trust the “impressions” in my heart, and I started to have fun!

This morning I got a sudden and strong urge to write, “God speaks!” I opened my mind and my heart and wrote down the words that I heard the Holy Spirit whisper to me. It’s not a masterpiece of writing, but I know that God wants very much to converse  with all His Children, and He wanted me to reach out with that fact, here, in my blog.

“God Speaks!”

Do you think you’re not “spiritual” enough to hear God speak to you? Perhaps you’re trying too hard!

Can you hear the babbling of a brook? The rustle of leaves in the trees? How about the sound of little children laughing? Your mother saying, “I love you…” Do you love the sound of your favorite song?

How about these sounds: Have you listened to a gum wrapper scoot across the pavement in the breeze, the bellowing of a boss to an employee across the room? Chairs scraping against the floor…a window opening?

God is present in all of these sounds, if He is present in your thoughts. You don’t have to listen really hard, just listen with your heart!

God speaks!


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